Equipment Sales (balers, conveyors and like products) and Services have been sold and provided to numerous companies throughout New England. From full scale Processing Facilities to Baler Sales, AIT welcomes any challenge!  These include, but are not limited to:

P) 603-437-4777

F) 603-432-9853  


ADI Limited                                                   NY                           new baler

Alan Ross                                                       IL                            used balers

Automated Recycling                                  MA                          new perforator, conveyor

Avery Dennison                                           MA                          new baler

Banta                                                             CT                           new baler, conveyor, tipper

Bicknell & Fuller                                           MA                          new baler

Century Box                                                  MA                         service, repair

CleanScape                                                   RI                            new baler, sort system

Coke-a-Cola                                                  NH                          used baler

Conigliario Industries                                 MA                          new conveyors, cart tipper

Consolidated Recycling                              MA                          new baler, conveyor

Creative Packaging                                     MA                          service, repair

Data Safe                                                      MA                          service, repair

Derosa L.M.                                                  MA                          new conveyors

D.J. Reardon                                                 MA                          new baler, conveyor

EPX                                                                ME                           cart tipper, chutes

EWS of Maine                                              ME                           new eddy current

Hanna Paper                                               MA                           new baler

Interstate Distributors                               MA                          service, repair

Longview Fiber                                            MA                          new baler

Lucurne Farms                                            ME                          new baler

Meade-Westvaco                                        MA, CT                    service

Northeast Graphics                                    CT                           new baler, conveyor

Northshore Fiber                                        MA                          new conveyors, pushwalls

Pepsi Cola                                                    MA, ME                   new balers, conveyors, perforators

Peter Paul                                                    CT                            new baler

Reebok                                                         MA                           new baler, conveyor

Regional Waste Systems                           ME                           new fiber sort system

RIRRC                                                            RI                             new baler & conveyors

Shred-It                                                        MA                           system retrofit: water mist, walls

Tomra                                                          MA, CT                     new balers, crushers, conveyors

Union Beer                                                  MA                           new baler, conveyor