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Retro-fit of existing burn facility and ash building converting building into two story operational MRF for mixed container processing.  Responsibilities included system layout, design and development with building modifications and site improvements.  Materials are conveyed to second story for separation with electro-magnet, eddy current, screening, light/heavy separating, “head-on” and side sorting.  All materials are gravity fed to first floor for secondary processing such as perforating, baling, crushing and storage for loadout and transfer. 

 Toronto, Canada - MRF:      

150 TPS mixed container and paper processing.  Responsible for design, layout and development of two systems into existing RDF plant.  Commingled Container System utilized electro-magnets, eddy-current, storage cages, head-on sorting, screening, light/heavy separators, glass crushers, trommels, and assorted chain and belt conveyors for processing up to 50 TPS.  Pre-bale storage cages hold sorted metals and plastics.  System included mixed broken glass recovery sub-system and totally enclosed climate controlled sorting platforms.  Paper Sorting System was elevated, enclosed and climate controlled with material “flip-over” and sorting into “push-thru” bunkers.  Single “live-bottom” bunker at end of paper system continuously feeds central facility baler with news (or other selected paper grade for negative sorting). 

Milwaukee, WI - MRF:     

300 TPS mixed container and separate paper processing with MSW transfer facility under one roof. Transfer operation has option of segregating select loads of recyclable commercial materials for processing over dual function Paper Processing System.  Responsible for system specification and design, facility layout, process flow, and engineering coordination for construction.  5 TPH, pit feed, commingled container system with cross belt magnet, elevated sorting into storage cages, glass crushing into 30 ton steel silos with troughed belt loadout to open top trailer (staged indoors), and common rejects belt to indoor roll-off container.  15 TPH Paper System includes multi-grade sorting with material “flip-over” into live bottom bunkers with reversible and traversing transfer conveyor system for negative sorting recyclable materials to bunker storage or reject materials to transfer trailers and roll-off containers. Interior staging of transfer trailers permits simultaneous use of MSW transfer operation. 

Tompkins County, NY - MRF:  

Montgomery County, MD - MRF:  

400 TPS facility for receiving and processing mixed residential containers and mixed residential paper with commercial materials processing capabilities.  Responsible for total process equipment layout and specification which included 5 TPH commingled container system with infeed pit, presort, cross-belt magnet, enclosed elevated “toss-across” sorting, perforator, eddy-current, aluminum blower, storage cages, and exterior glass crushing over covered concrete bunkers.  Paper system utilized two parallel sorting lines with dual infeed pits, enclosed elevated sorting lines with material “flip-over” feature, “live-bottom” storage bunkers, and loose loadout option.  Fully automatic central baler with pit conveyor for receiving clean loads and servicing container storage cages and paper storage bunkers. 

Rockland County, NY - MRF:   

Single Stream (commingled containers and paper) processing system with large presort for bulky reject, OCC, Metals, and Textile removal, pre-screening, cross-belt magnets, eddy-currents, light heavy separators, container/fiber separators, reversible live bottom bunkers feeding parallel baling systems, perforators, recirculating conveyors, and manual sorting for 200 TPS processing.

Phoenix, AZ University Drive MRF:  

Responsible for original design and development of 200 TPS Commercial Materials processing over “double line” system with two parallel receiving pits, presort station, pre-screening, two parallel sorting lines with material “flip-over” feature, push-thru bunkers to pit fed baler and bi-directional conveyors at end of system for live-bottom bunker storage or loose loadout.  Later incorporation of additional 400 TPD Mixed Residential Materials Processing.  Overall responsibility included system design and equipment technical specifications.  Unique “single stream” Residential materials (commingled containers and fiber) processing system utilized screening, fiber/container separators, magnets, eddy-currents, light/heavy separators, “live-bottom” storage bunkers, storage cages, perforators, baling and manual techniques for sorting materials by grade.

Phoenix, AZ 27th Ave - SWMF:

AITRecycling's extensive knowledge of MRF’s, have led to many successful Processing Facilites Including, but not limited to;

Responsible for design and development of 180 TPS full scale MRF for commingled containers and commingled paper processing under one roof. Shared sub-divided tip hall receives and segregates mixed containers and mixed paper. Pit fed container system processes and recovers FE, AL, PET, and HDPE into dedicated balers as well as 4 grades of glass including mixed broken.  Glass Processing incorporates mixed broken recovery subsystem with conveyor loadout into open top trailer staged at interior loading dock.  Paper processing includes pit feed to elevated sorting platform over “live-bottom” bunkers which subsequently feed baler pit conveyor. 

Dupage County, IL - IPF:    

240 TPS mixed container processing and paper transfer operation with 400 TPS yard waste processing facility on same site.  Responsible for design and development of 10 TPH mixed container system utilizing pit feed, presort for rejects and foils, electro-magnet, screening, ”head-on” sorting machines, glass crushing over 120 ton (4 bin) steel storage silo with trough belt outload conveyor to open top trailer, enclosed “climate controlled” sorting stations, perforators, four dedicated balers for two plastic and two metal grades, central rejects system, mixed broken glass recovery and processing sub-system.  Adjacent Paper Transfer Operation loads loose news into two interior staged open top trailers.  Detached Wood Processing Area includes Receiving Area, Tub Grinder,  Storage Shed, and Stock Pile for re-use by residents.